Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders,

Completing its 25th years in operation, Ulusoy Un is managed with the experience, know-how and trust which began with the foundation of Ulusoy Gıda in 1969 and accumulated by the past of all our colleagues who joined this family in their past in this industry. These long years have added significant values to us. First and foremost, we learned the importance of our business, food for people and to bear the responsibility of this above anything else. As the employees and managers of Ulusoy Gıda Group, our most important principle is not to produce and sell any food that we would not consume ourselves and we have adopted this as the essential principle for being a reliable food supplier.

With employees open to innovation, working with a team spirit and creating added value and with management that would not compromise from stability, quality and trust principles, Ulusoy Un started growing rapidly. With such an approach 180 tons per day capacity in the beginning, reached 900 tons per day today. As a reward for this work and our clients, Ulusoy Un started taking a place in top 1000 Large Industrial companies list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry after 1996 and managed to take 472nd place among top 500 producers of Turkey and 3rd place in our industry in 2015. Eventually, Ulusoy Un became the first company of its sector and Samsun City to trade its shares on Istanbul Stock Exchange in November 2014. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed this long-time journey which made us proud.

In the first nine months of 2015, our company’s sales revenue was in parallel to the targeted figures. The real operating profit was 27.0 million Turkish Liras on the same period of the previous year and the company succeeded to increase it up to 29.3 million Turkish Liras. We survived a period when exchange rates fluctuated due to the economic outlook in our country and global economic issues and when USA Dollar was the appreciated exchange rate in comparison to other currencies. We are closely monitoring the course of events and we are trying to minimize the impacts of this uncertainty on our company, especially by limiting foreign exchange position risks.

Our goal is to carry the operation of our company to global level without compromising from our values, principles and goals with the strength stemming from team work with experienced colleagues. In line with these goals, as Ulusoy Un family we will pull out all the stops in order to achieve 2015 year-end goals. I thank all partners, employees, clients and suppliers who contributed to the success of our company and who are or will be a part of Ulusoy Un family.

Günhan Ulusoy - Chairman of the Board