Ceo’s Message

Kamil Adem

Dear shareholders,

Ulusoy Un, was founded on this land from where, wheat, the raw material of the holy bread was spread to the world. Born of this strong history of our country, from its people and potential, Ulusoy Un managed to achieve a significant place in both our country and the global industry within the past 28 years. Now we are proud to share this value with over 2700 shareholders who have become partners with our initial public offering.

With its 900 tons per day capacity in its two factories, Ulusoy Un completed the 5% of Turkey’s flour export in 2017 where Turkey is the leading exporter. Our company became 487th company on the top of 1000 Turkish exporters list. With its direct sales, it became 444th among largest 500 producers according to İstanbul Chamber of Commerce data and 5th place in its own industry.

In line with the demands of both our domestic and global clients, we made sales with unconditional customer satisfaction principle without compromising quality and food safety. As a result, our company turnover rose from 109 million TRY in 2007 to 1,805 million TRY in 2017. Multiplying our turnover by 16 times in the past 10 years we realized an annual average 32% turnover growth.

In first half of 2018, our company has achieved an important growth by increasing its revenue by 57% compared to the same period of last year. Our company has achieved 86,4 million TL operating profit from manufacturing and commercial activities. Company’s risk management operates studiosly againist the fluctuations in FX markets. With our dynamic management, we are continuously producing staple food which has unended demand.

I would like to thank our clients and employees who carried us to the top and did not hold back their support and to esteemed investors who placed their confidence in us by becoming partners after public offering. I wish 2018 to bring gains and happiness for our company. With its experience exceeding 49 years, Ulusoy Un will continue to create value for our partners, employees and clients...

Kamil Adem - Chief Executive Officer